Weird and Wacky

It’s that time again!  I always find it difficult to buy Valentine Day gift for my partner.  The only thing that I tend to see over and over again in the shops are red boxer shorts with white hearts – nice!  Anyway here are a few gifts I’ve found which you can give your partner on Valentine’s day.

Nothing better than relaxing in a bath filled with Lollia luxurious bathing foam.  The bath foam contains sensual blend of fresh cassis, violet and hint of vanilla.  This will definitely put any woman in the mood for love.  This bath foam can be bought at

Okay this present is only for those people who are aged over 30 and grew up in the UK.  As If you are below this age or never lived in the UK then you may not know Morph and Chas.  Well these cufflinks even comes in its own presentation box.  Go to to buy for £14.95.

I think this present can be bought both for a woman or man.  It’s a Yoda desk protector.  Just plug him into your USB port and he will react by igniting his lightsaber whenever he detects movement.   Yoda’s motion sensor will detect motion up to between 2 and 3 metres away depending upon the light in the room.  Buy this at

I first saw these when I went to Legoland in Windsor.  I was so tempted to buy these egg cups. The only thing which stopped me was that it would look so weird in my black and white kitchen.  Unfortunately you can no longer buy these in the UK .  Damn! I wished I bought it now.

Cute as a button soap set

Cute button soaps.  These soaps are made from shea butter.  The children will have fun washing with these soaps.

Maxwell and Taylor has done a really good job by recapturing the traditional chippy paper cones. You can buy this at

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